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Here are some of My books in slideshows ...

Here are some of My books in slideshows ...
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XXX Thank You XX
Granny Art , Jecajo < Free 4 U Graphics ,
Raspberry Road Designs and
 AngelBarbiemarie ,
 for these uplifting Inspirations shared
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XXX Welcome XXX

Today is Our " Cyber Home / Blog's "
 3rd Month Celebrations...
and on the 7th March " Sulina " celebrates
 Its 19th Anniversary ...


In Celebration of the Miracle of Our connections ,
and all that We have already accomplished
together ...We share these Gifts with You ... So...
Welcome to " Sulina in a slideshow " !
hee ! hee !
I am having soooooo much
fun playing with these slideshow inspirations
with the wonderful help from ...
We are enjoying putting on the music
 and then choosing one show at
a time to relax and get lost in...
It is forcing Us to literally chill out
and enjoy all the Faerie kisses , 
Angel Blessings ,
 inspirations and affirmations .
May You,  too , be able
to take time out and relax with Us.
We have found that having positive
 images and messges around Us ,
 helps to end  the old ways of living in fear ,
and opens Us to filling Our days only with
positive uplifting energies...
this makes sure that every day is a
 wonderful ,loving , happy , shiny day !
Keep on being the Special You that You are ,
and may Love ,Peace and Happiness
surround You forever !
Love from Us All in Sulina
XXX Thank you XXX
Ian ... for all the beautiful photos shared ...
and to Everyone in the " links box "
for Your amazing creative Gifts shared .
May We continue to travel these
 creative Rainbows together !